Submit Your Rescue

How Are Rescues Selected

A lot of time and effort goes into the designs of these T-shirts so we feel it’s important to be very selective in choosing which shirt is featured each month. After reviewing all of the designs submitted, our featured T-shirt is chosen based on a multitude of factors.

*We make every effort to choose a T-shirt that is eye catching and promotes awareness of abandoned, abused and unwanted horses.

*We choose T-shirts from different areas across the U.S. in order to raise awareness across this country and ultimately the world. Just because we featured your state recently please don’t be discouraged about submitting your shirt. This is only ONE factor in our selection process.

*And finally, since we include each rescue’s story and website with your T-shirt of the month, we look for websites that will inspire and encourage people to become a participant in your mission.

If your T-shirt is chosen, it will be featured for one month and shipped to each of our members. Once your shirt is sent out it is retired.

If you’d like to submit your Rescue’s T-shirt design to be featured in a future month, I encourage you to fill out our form in the Contact Us link and we’ll contact you.